Redesigning our porch

We intended after many years of use to overhaul our porch by replacing the gravel floor by tiles and installing a glass front/doors instead of the old screened wall without any door to the outside.
But hard work came in the first place. It needed to have a strong footer for the coming sliding doors in the south and a strong concrete foundation for the tiles.
Tiling the room was fun. Especially when the result looks so perfect. And with these improvements we got a second, beautiful living room.
We had to do the concrete foundation for the tiles in several sections, the room is too big and of course, no concrete truck came. All hand mixing!
The 80 pound bags and everything else had to come thru the living room in our house!
Look how clean we worked, not a spill of concrete on the walls! Those foolish guys out there in the building business should compare this with their shody work!
Pouring the wall. What a pleasure... when it's done!
We were able to keep the old screen wall mostly intact until the sagging of the front roof beam is fixed and
a new glass wall with screened doors can be installed.
This is what we mean with ‘Hard Work‘ Digging out the trench for the footer and the front wall.
And of course the removal of all these piles of dirt, stones and gravel!